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On July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart flew away from a town called Lae in the South Pacific. Earhart was attempting to circumnavigate the globe. After taking off from Lae, she disappeared. The Superhero Historians will investigate her life, her final flight, and the possible outcomes to that flight.
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Who we are!

Pierce Hawking

Pierce Hawking

Nickname: The Founding Father

Founder of the Superhero Historians

Pierce founded the Superhero Historians after hearing James Otis speak against the British Writs of Assistance. Discover more by clicking on The Beginning.

"Whatever, whenever, and wherever, we will be... everywhere." - Pierce Hawking.
Barley Hugg

Barley Hugg

Nickname: Stateline

Location Historian

Barley is an Alaskan Grizzly from Homer. A wanderer from youth, Barley walked miles and miles of Alaskan wilderness amazed by the landscapes. While going through a camper's tent one day he found a photo book of New York City. The buildings amazed Barley, their stature and beauty. Deciding to take his wanderings even further he ambled to the lower 48. He maintains his Alaskan roots, having fresh salmon delivered everywhere he goes.

"Where it takes place is as much a part of it as what takes place." - Barley Hugg
Alistair Flush

Alistair Flush

Nickname: Sir

Military Historian

Alistair was hatched on a small gator farm in Florida. A tourist soon bought him and took him home, not realizing that alligators grew... very large. In the middle of his growth spurt, Alistair got released into the local sewer system. Wandering the tunnels for days, he finally came out of a sewer pipe directly across from Fort Sumter, where the Civil War was initiated. Alistair became addicted to the Civil War. He soon took a job in a traveling circus, spending days riding a unicycle and nights sneaking into Civil War battlefields. He has since expanded his war knowledge, but the Civil War remains close to his heart.

"Why a country fights tells you why a country is." -Alistair Flush
Dean Dillopolis

Dean Dillopolis

Nickname: Deano

People Historian

Dean spent the first half of his life trudging the plains of West Texas. Days would pass by without him meeting anyone else. One day, he just got tired of the silence and tired of the walking. He hopped a freight train heading towards California carrying vegetables and hobos. For months he traversed the United States listening to people. After years of silence, he couldn't get enough of talk. He stayed awake across entire states, listening to stories by the glow of a small fire. He realized he loved people. People did great things. He committed to travel the entire United States in search of great people.

"People put the engine of history into gear." -Dean Dillopolis
Dorothy Duckinsie

Dorothy Duckinsie

Nickname: The Duchess of Doohickey

Invention / Things Historian

Dorothy grew up on a small pond directly outside Thomas Edison's lab in Menlo Park. After dark Dorothy often snuck into the lab to gaze in wonder at the different inventions. Convinced that these inventions made the world a better place, she soon took off in search of even more amazing things. Flying from pond to pond across the United States, Dorothy stopped wherever an amazing invention was located.

"Man rides through history on the shoulders of great invention." -Dorothy Duckinsie
Phineas Pollyphus

Phineas Pollyphus

Nickname: Political Pigeon

Political Historian

Phineas spent his youth living in the Capital Dome in Washington D.C. where he routinely watched over United States politics. From Senate hearings to Congressional votes he watched from the rafters in awe. He threw himself into political history with fervor. Logically, he started from the beginning, even going as far as to fly all the way from Washington to Boston. When he discovered the story of Pierce Hawking and the Superhero Historians, he signed on instantly.

"To shape the future of a country, you must study the history of its politics." -Phineas Pollyphus
Rhonda Rodentilly

Rhonda Rodentilly

Nickname: Manuscript Mouse

Document Historian

Rhonda grew up in the walls of the National Archives. At night when the rest of the mice scrambled the hallowed halls looking for food, Rhonda searched the stacks of papers. Reading by moonlight she pieced together the history of the United States. A voracious reader she spent every night for two years reading her way around the Archives.

"While spoken word has the power to put the world into action, written word has the power to support the world after action." -Rhonda Rodentilly